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News / September 21, 2017

v1.0.5 Has Been Released!

Dear Commanders,

A new update v1.0.5 (iOS:v1.0.4) has been released. In this update, we have


Numerous expedition team act in the various stars, meanwhile the different enemy forces also continue to attack the rear of the commanders. To handle these special events, the equipment department also made great effort to add new gears for commanders. For the characteristics of the enemies in each event, the commanders in the special event level will get additional support skills, can make them even more powerful.

  • Human: Super Gravity

Great increase the gravity of the located area, slow the enemies and pull down the air enemies.

  • Zec: Decay

Infect all the enemies in the located area, let them take damage over time and become vulnerable.

  • Pyraza: Imprison Crystal

Summon a crystal, to imprison and stop all the actions of the target.

Each support skill card, after the event, will enter the Expedition Vendor, commanders can buy them.


  • Advanced Flamethrower of Pyro

Let the Pyro become ranged attack unit, for both ground and air target.

  • Regeneration DNA of Screamer

Screamer will rapidly recover when it’s not being attacked.

Both the new loadouts will be opened for sale when the new tournament season comes.


  • Power of Storm: Slightly increased the effect radius
  • Immolation: Increased the effective time, but keep the value of total extra energy. That means the connector/lair will lose HP more slowly and get extra energy more slowly too.
  • Ultimate Destruction: Increased the damage and decreased the arrival time
  • Life Spore: Decreased the growth of rank, slightly decreased the effect radius
  • Marines: Increased both HP and damage.
  • Griffin: Increased the HP growth.


Resource Skirmish: decreased the requirement for numbers of applicants from 20 to 15.



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    That’s good game
    I’ve never been similar this game before

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