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News / March 7, 2018

v1.0.30 Has Been Released!

Dear Commander,

We just released a new update “v1.0.30”.

What’s New
– Enabled Rank 9 for Cards and Buildings.
– New Units: Falcon Squadron. Commander can get the parts of them from Daily Bonus, Package and Daily Premium Gift.
– New Loadouts for 3 Guards in Tournament Season Vendor (until Next Season starts).

– Matrix Shield: Increased the shield HP growth at high rank and star.
– Ultimate Destruction: Increased the damage growth at high rank and star.
– Pyro: Increased the duration and damage reduction of “Taunt” ability.
– Centaur: The crew members of Centaur will get shield after the vehicle destroyed.
– Super Gravity: Slightly increased the duration, enlarged the skill area, enhanced the slow down effect to ground units.
– Void Sprite: Increased the initial HP, HP growth, Healing growth.

– The Tournament Vendor started selling the Pyromania’ Manual.

Note: Some contents above will be present in the game until the login from the old v1.0.20 being closed.


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