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News / August 21, 2017

v1.0.3 Has Been Released!

Dear Commanders,

Server maintenance for v1.0.3 is successful complete.

The game client has been updated, you can download from App Store / Google Play or visit our download page :

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Thanks everyone for your attention and suggestions! The updates are as follow:

Resource Skirmish

Now, members of the same fleet could fight for their common interests. In the expedition, several enriched Crystal Mines have been found. Many explore come here in a swarm to mine the crystal. While in such a lawless area, all explorers dissatisfy at their gains. Surrounding these resources, conflicts will break out between fleets at any time. Players whose fleet level is greater or equal to 2, commander level is greater or equal to 20, could sign up for the fight on every Monday. If there are more 20 players signed up in a fleet, the fleet will have the chance to fight for Crystal Mine with another fleet.

For details please check the explanation of Resource Skirmish at “Fleet” tab.

Personal Supply

Personal Supply is added to Fleet. Before the end of the countdown, the higher your contribution value is, the better your personal supply will be.

Personal Supply contains 6 new added props:

  • Free Planet Supply Ticket: Offer you a chance of getting ten times free planet supply
  • Planet Supply Recharge Ticket: Increase recharge values of planet supply.
  • Free Lucky Wheel Ticket: Offer a chance to draw lucky wheel for free.
  • Free Planet Supply Ticket Piece: To piece together a Free Planet Supply Ticket.
  • Planet Supply Recharge Ticket Piece: To piece together a Planet Supply Recharge Ticket.
  • Free Lucky Wheel Ticket Piece: To piece together a Free Lucky Wheel Ticket.

More Activities

We add Boot Camp and Investment Plan in this version to promote new players’ experience. Old players could join these activities as well and could get rewordings readily.

Lucky Wheel

There are not only Cyclops Card in Lucky Wheel, we will update a legend card and several epic cards every three days. Players need certain legend card could acquire when it shows.


  • The second season of Tournament will come to a close, please pay attention to the remaining time reminder.
  • After the second season, we will mail new head portraits and badges to players whose integration level reached Gold.
  • Add new Loadouts for Scarab Mines, Scavenger, and Gremlin. They will be on sale in the Tournament Store in the third season.

New Unit

  • New Legend Unit: Protector is a reward for Boot Camp. At the same time, players could exchange its Soul Stone in Mysterious Shop.
  • Giant Scavenger’s DNA could be bought from Expedition Vendor.


  • Resonation Crystal: Change invincible mode, now units will not waste their firepower on invincible targets.
  • Soul of Warrior: Decrease the AOE hurt of the skill.
  • Zeneta: Since he has strong viability, we decrease his hurt, especially for air hurt, but accelerate his air attack speed.
  • Sakkara: Adjust the cooling-down time of her hatching skill from 30s/24s to 24s/18s.


  • Japanese has been added in this version.
  • The translation of Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Korean has been optimized in this version.


  • Reduce the value of commander EXP needed after level 45. Now players can increase their levels more easily.
  • Adjust the Expedition, reduce expeditions from 10 times to 5 times every, while increase rewordings for each time.
  • Increase daily rewordings of Team Arena. We will send by email according to players’ level.
  • Reduce the difficulty and modify the 3-star conditions of some levels.

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