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News / July 6, 2017


Dear Commanders,

Today we release the new version of 0.2.43, which might be the last update before the game is formally released. Thanks everyone for your attention and suggestions during the open beta!

The updates are as follow:

You can use crystals in the Package option to buy the items you need most.

Double the first charge
For all goods in the Charge option, you can get a double quantity of crystals when the first charge.
This update is also available for players who had ever charged before this version.

Tutorial optimization
Optimized the process of Tutorial for new players for better game experience.

Defensive Buildings
New and special defensive buildings of three races are released. You can unlock and enhance them in the “Buildings” option of Tournament, It is free to unlock the race buildings in the first time, and you should pay some crystals for the second and third races.

Conversion of materials
Now, some materials could be converted to advanced ones, you can check them in “Inventory” option.

Supply Center
The “Galaxy Supply” was removed and the accumulation bar (include the already charged value) was moved to “Planet Supply”. When the bar is full, you will surely get a whole Legendary card in the next supply.

Space TV
Space TV will show you the excellent matches between top players.

New package in Hot Sell
Added one more package in Hot Sell, which applies value-added items.

You could also download the game APK from our official website:


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