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News / February 13, 2017


Our first update (version 0.2.34) is available now! The Paid Function is opened. Chaos Battlefield has been released. We add the 6th planet in this model for players to explore.


New Version Announcement

Dear Commanders,


Space Commander Open Beta has been on line for one month. Thank you all for

your love and concern to this game.


This time we made some update as below:


======Paid Function======

Starting with this version, the Paid Function is opened. Click the Diamond icon on the top of screen and you can get the paid interface to buy Game Currency.

When the game been on line officially, we will keep most data of the players, including grade, currency, cards and properties. But since we may adjust the level design, and the level processing might be reset as well. Please forgive that brings you the inconvenience.


======Chaos Battlefield======

Chaos Battlefield has been released. Only when players pass through level 2 in planet 4 could open this model.

The rules as following:

-Players have 2 challenge chances every day in Chaos Battlefield.

-Enemies will appear continually after the battle started. Players could loot certain properties that dropped out from their enemies. Only when the total 12 waves of enemies been wiped out, players could gain those properties.

-Then players could choose to continue or quit the battle. If quit, the progressing will be saved till next time players get in the challenge. ( The rate will be reset on next day)

-If players’ connector is killed, or quit the battle while fighting, the player will be defeated.



We add the 6th planet in this model for players to explore.


======Galaxy Supply Center======

All commodities are open to sell in Supply Center. And in those commodities, players have chance to get rare unites and skills.


======Version Stability=======

We noted that our game couldn’t operate very well on some mobile devices. Our technical staff has resolved most of these problems. But still a few devices couldn’t run it, we will try our best to resolve it as soon as possible.


At last, wish you have fun in our game!


Development Team of Space commander

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