September 21, 2017

v1.0.5 Has Been Released!

Dear Commanders, A new update v1.0.5 (iOS:v1.0.4) has been released. In this update, we have NEW MODE: SPECIAL EVENT Numerous...

August 21, 2017

v1.0.3 Has Been Released!

Dear Commanders, Server maintenance for v1.0.3 is successful complete. The game client has been updated, you can download from App...

July 8, 2017

Play Now!

  The war is coming! Commander! Lead your fleet to join the war for domination of the whole universe in...

Space Commander

Space Commander is a strategy mobile game, developed by Daydream Games. Players can explore several planets and challenge plenty of stages, with freely organized teams. The game provides three races to choose, the players can establish the teams to fight, depend on their own favorites.

About Us

The Day Dream Games

We are a group of young people who love games. Our goal is to create an awesome mobile game, and bring you more fun. Our developing team is composed of members from Gameloft, Kabam, Zeusgames, etc. All members have many years of experience in game development. As SF fans, we put effort into this space exploration game, which includes collection, growth, competition, and tactics. We wish to give you an unforgettable space trip.


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